With our high-tech platform, traders from across the globe are empowered to profit from the markets’ volatility whether the price of an asset is going up or down. In a given trade, the client must determine whether the value of an asset will be higher or lower than when the trade was initiated. Then, after a predetermined period of time a client will know whether his predictions were fruitful or not. With 200 assets to choose from, OFM acts as an affordable and profitable alternative to those who wish to join the trading revolution.

Why Trade Binary Options?

* Profitability – Traders can make up to 91% profit on a given trade. With expiries that are as short as 60 seconds, there is potential for an account to quickly grow within a matter of minutes.

* A Managed Risk – Potential profits are set in advance for every given asset. Clients understand exactly how much they can gain or lose off of any given trade.

* Trading Anytime, Anywhere – Traders are given the liberty to trade the market trends literally anywhere that has an internet connection on multiple platforms.

* Wide Range of Assets – By offering a variety of currencies, commodities, stocks and indices to trade, we’re providing clients with access to all the opportunities the global markets present.

* Commission-Free Trades – We take pride in allowing traders to trade the markets with absolutely no charge on individual trades.

About our Trading Platform

OFM is your one-stop source for the quickest, and most secure trading experience in the industry. Our financial experts, and advanced technologies team, are thrilled to be making the markets accessible to clients from across the world.

Trading Modes

  1. Binary Options

In this classic mode, you choose the asset, the expiry time, how much you wish to invest, and whether the asset’s price will be higher or lower once the option expires. If your trade is “in-the-money,” you instantly make a profit. This classic mode is ideal for those just beginning their trading career, or those who have been following the markets for years.


  1. Long Term

For those who have long-term visions of where the market is headed, Long-Term mode is ideal. Expiry times are offered stretching as long as 9 months from the day the “Call,” or “Put” button is pressed. The mode is simple, but the expertise necessary to master it requires traders to zoom-out of the daily news, and pay close attention to the macro trends.


  1. Sixty Seconds

Just like Long-Term and Binary Options modes, you choose whether the asset will go up or down in a given period of time. But, here traders can choose 60 second expiries. With this exciting mode, the result is immediate.


Special Features

Interactive Analysis – Our platform reacts to the placement of your mouse. By hovering over a price chart, you will also be informed of the exact date, time, and rate of the asset you are currently trading. In candlestick view, you’ll also receive the time-frame of every candle, along with more information about the candle’s upper and lower shadows.


Candlesticks – These give traders a wider view. Green candlesticks signify that the price rose within a given time interval, while red signify a fall. On the top left of candlestick view, traders can toggle charts to see both long-term and short-term views of price movement. Candles can be divided into minutes, hours, or days.


Trading Tools

OFM’s trading platform offers tools to increase your chances of making winning trades.

Strategy-Advisor – Hover your mouse above the icon to have three different technical analysis indicators appear. These indicators include: RSI, Moving Average, and Bollinger Bands. The Strategy Advisor automatically analyzes the market movements of the past in order to assess the future direction an asset is headed.

Trading Formulas

  1. RSI – The RSI indicator as classified as a momentum oscillator. In simple language, this indicator has the power to measure the velocity and magnitude of market movements.
  2. Moving Average – Moving Averages have been widely used by financial analysts for several decades. This trading formula is designed to pinpoint patterns over time.
  3. Bollinger Bands – Bollinger Bands were invented in the 1980’s by John Bollinger, a world-renowned technical analyst. The aim of this formula is to calculate volatility to predict the future.


Using these trading tools couldn’t be simpler. Once you choose the indicator you wish to use, simply click on it. The calculator will then analyze previous chart behavior within a matter of seconds, and the “Call,” or “Put” signal will be generated directly on to your trading screen.