3 Must-Read Books on Binary Options

So, you’ve learned a lot about trading binary option from this website, but still has no clear picture in your head? Indeed, the websites mostly contain similar information, and most authors and traders are quite reluctant to share profitable techniques for free. What shall you do then? Read the book:) Here’s a list of top-3 books on Amazon, that would help you to organize your thoughts and get some useful instruments before starting to trade:

1. Trading Nadex Binary Options Using Currencies

What’s interesting about this book, that it is rather “fresh” – published in 2017. The author herself is a well-know trader and speaker. From her over 15 years of trading experience, Gail Mercer provides us with unique winning methodology that depends on a number of factors other than just trader’s indicators. In this work also Gail Mercer gives some “fundamentals” for new currency traders, including factors that have an effect on each currency, as well as some clues on how to predict where price will go in the near future.

2. Trading Binary Options: Strategies and Tactics (Bloomberg Financial)


3. CALL or PUT: How I profit using Binary Options